Where to arrange flowers?

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Where to arrange flowers?

Hello everyone. This is Yoshimi, a teacher of Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

In Sydney, located in the Southern Hemisphere, the street trees start to change color, and we can feel the autumn atmosphere. A biennial art festival is currently being held. Looking at international art, I started thinking about how to get close to this wonderful world. A clue turned out to be very nearby. Modern Ikebana is a familiar art that you can make with familiar materials wherever you are.

There used to be a fixed seat, called Tokonoma for Ikebana to be displayed. However, as living spaces diversify, Ikebana is now open to a more free world. I looked around and found many spaces for Ikebana around me. It can be at the corner of the kitchen sink, to treat yourself, at the handrails in the washroom or bathroom (in this case, let flowers drink water with a pick, a tiny plastic container), or at a space on the bookshelf or the cabinet. Also, you could surprise the guests with your sense of imaginativeness to arrange flowers on an unused drawer or trunk case. The important thing is to think about how you want the flowers to interact with the place and how you want the place to be with flowers.

The picture above shows as if the piano was playing with a light rhythm without touching any key. You will find it difficult to tell what the main character is when you use many flowers, so I simply arrange green leaves and white flowers by interacting with the space. The picture on the right shows the arrangement on the church door. Adding flowers on the door which is hardly used and gives a dark impression, has an effect to make the space look bright. Bring a little of your playful mind to decorate an unexpected place, and you can enjoy the art easily at home. I am sure you would be even happier seeing people enjoy your arrangements. Decorating flowers around us with a sense of playful would lead us to a new and fresh day. I thank the flowers to enrich our minds.

Translated by Kaori K.

Picture1: Airy arrangement of palm leaves, jasmine leaves, and gerberas. I have them drink water with picks.

Picture2: Ikebana on the door. Make a movement with Dragon’s Claw Willows, and put bright color flowers in it.

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