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To show courtesy

Do you know the word ”Rei wo Tsukusu”, to show courtesy in Japanese? It sounds a common word

however I feel it doesn’t match the style of modern life and is out of touch with the times. Most people

may not know the true meaning of that. I think the basic meaning of this word is to respect people. I

keep in mind to treat people politely, to care about them, and to do things that I would be happy if they

would do for me. I treat the flowers in the same way. Also, in growing plants, I bear in mind to water

them by checking the weather and their conditions carefully.

What we see is not everything. This is true of people and flowers as well. When we treat them

suavely and with respect, we would see and feel the same person or flower differently. In other words,

showing our courtesy to them do good to ourselves eventually by enabling us to see them from other


Picture1: This New Year’s Day morning themed arrangement has morning sunshine and rising sun made of ceremonial and decorative paper strings called mizuhiki in Japanese. The star-shaped flowers, Pentas seem like a bright sun.

Picture2: I arranged the New Year's sacred rope, called shimenawa in Japanese with a rose which I received as a warm-hearted gift during the event preparation.

Translated by Kaori K.

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